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Recently I had problems with vertigo, it got so bad that I felt as if everything was melting away, including my own body, which resulted in severe panic and anxiety. Through muscle response testing, Dr. Whittemore detected that I had heavy metal residues deposited on different parts of my brain. After he gave me some drops to release the heavy metals, the vertigo went away. Afterwards I had to urinate a lot, and the next day I noticed that the stubborn layer on my belly that wouldn’t dissolve before had been cut down to half of its former size or less.

- A.H.

It has been over twenty years ago that I first went to see Dr. Whittemore.  I was having severe pain in my legs, back, and feet.  I soon found out Dr. Whittemore was not your average chiropractor.  He knew about nutrition and he practiced what we came to know as “The Brimhall Method”.  He quickly helped me put away the orthopedic shoes and after a few adjustments I walked smoothly and without pain.  It was pure and simple a structural problem. I have gone to Dr. Whittemore with sinus problems, an ear infection, headaches…the list goes on.  He has been able to “scan” me and find the “root cause”.  Then with supplements (Not antibiotics) we have solved the problems quickly and without any prescription drug side effects.  I go now on a regular basis just to keep aligned and it has definitely been worthwhile.

 - J. H.


It’s easy for me to write of the benefits I have received from Dr. Whittemore’s adjustments.  He has been my Chiropractor for years.  I can honestly say that the gentleness and expertise of Dr. Whittemore’s treatments enables my body to find the relief I’m so in need of.  My over-all health and mental outlook has been radically improved due to his compassionate and continued services. I’m also grateful for the efficiency and kindness of his staff.

- Colleen


I have been to several other chiropractors in my life with great results but Dr. Whittemore has given me PHENOMENAL results! He really cares about you and what you have going on and takes extra time with you if needed. In fact he has been kind enough to see my family on the weekend outside of hours because we needed care. The massages and facials are excellent and affordable and has really helped my skin and overall well being. I recommend him to everyone!

 - Lynn

Dr. Whittemore took care of me after my auto accident. He helped me to feel better and heal correctly from my injuries. I continue to see him for care to keep me tuned-up!

 - J. G.

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